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Why would I need a Hospital Search? A Hospital Search can acquire important facts relating to a claimant’s accident or injury. They are extremely effective in uncovering pre-existing and intervening injuries. Hospital Searches can help identify fraudulent “accidents.” A common example of this is when someone is injured over the weekend, but claims to have […]

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Why would I need a Pharmacy Search? Pharmacy searches are a great tool to help identify pain management medications, drug abuse and pre-existing injuries.  They are also one of the best tools for locating physicians.  Pharmacy searches are one of our most popular searches because they provide so much information and can identify key factors […]

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Urgent Care Clinic

Why would I need an Urgent Care Clinic Search? A clinic search can be especially important when you are trying to find treatment dates for an accident or injury that occurred after doctor’s offices were closed or for an injury that wasn’t quite serious enough to visit the hospital. A clinic search will include facilities […]

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Imaging Center

Why would I need an Imaging Center Search? Imaging searches can track down x-rays, CT scans, and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) procedures. This can be helpful if you believe your claimant received an MRI or CT scan without your knowledge or if your claimant had a pre-existing injury and is hiding it. What information will […]



Why would I need a Physician Search? Physician searches can be beneficial if you are trying to track a minor accident or injury, pre-existing condition, or reoccurring treatments. They are especially helpful to locate physicians treating your claimant when you are searching in a rural area. Search Pros will search for Family Practice Physicians unless […]



Why would I need a Chiropractor Search? A Chiropractor Search is a great tool to identify pre-existing or intervening back/neck injuries. It is truly beneficial when you are looking at low-impact auto accidents or work related accidents to determine if the injury is truly related to your claim. What information will a Chiropractor Search include? […]

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Orthopedic Surgeon

If you order an orthopedic search, we search physicians that work on injuries and diseases of your body’s musculoskeletal system. This complex system includes your bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves.



Why would I need a Neurologist Search? A neurology search will help you identify any providers that are treating your claimant for any disorders of the nervous system. What information will a Neurologist Search include? This search will identify the treating neurologists and provide treatment dates along with the addresses and phone numbers of the […]


Physical Therapy Clinic

Why would I need a Physical Therapy Clinic Search? A Physical Therapy Search will locate treatment dates from any type of therapy provider. They are great to request when you believe your claimant has obtained treatments for a prior injury, especially on the knee, leg, back, arm, shoulder or neck. What information will a Physical […]



Why would I need a Dental Search? A Dental Search is great to request when you know you are looking for a mouth or tooth injury. What information will a Dental Search include? With a Dental Search, we will list all the dental offices we searched along with any treatment dates and contact information.


Storage Facilities

Why would I need a Storage Facility Search? A Storage Facility Search will help determine whether the claimant has rented any space at a storage facility near his/her home. You can then compare the rental date to the date of property or fire loss to see if there is any correlation. What information will a […]


Claimant Information

Why would I need a Claimant Information Search? A Claimant Information Search can help you find out more about your claimant before you request a medical search. It will help you identify additional names, DOBs, SSNs and give you a listing of current and past addresses for your claimant. What information will a Claimant Information […]