For over 17 years, Search Pros, Inc. has been providing highly accurate nationwide canvasses with a very quick turnaround time. We work for insurance companies, third party administrators, law firms, self-insured companies and investigative companies to identify claimants who may be falsifying or concealing prior medical treatments or hidden property. Our staff is thoroughly trained to help you identify medical or property fraud. When something isn’t quite right about an insurance claim, let our staff help you uncover:

  • Pre-existing injuries
  • Intervening injuries
  • Delayed reporting
  • Material misrepresentations
  • Hidden or concealed property

By specializing in one product, we have been able to develop a complex system to help ensure your reports are highly accurate. We start by verifying the claimant’s information, reviewing all HIPAA laws and then we access our extensive proprietary medical database that includes several years of claimants’ treatment dates. Next we do a comprehensive review to see if your claimant has treated at any facility and prepare a very easy to read report.

Our History

Julie Koers and Teresa Thompson began Search Pros, Inc., in 1998. Both had years of prior experience working in insurance fraud investigations and in the health insurance industry.

Thompson and Koers could see medical insurance fraud was on the increase. They also understood how important it was to business and the insurance industry to investigate and uncover suspicious health claims. The two put their heads-and industry expertise together-and set up an incredibly efficient and responsive organization.

Incredibly efficient and responsive to their clients’ needs, word spread of Search Pros’ work. Today, they are well recognized throughout the U.S. insurance industry for their incredibly thorough searches, efficient practices, and remarkably quick medical search turn-arounds.

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