Why would I need a Pharmacy Search?

Pharmacy searches are a great tool to help identify pain management medications, drug abuse and pre-existing injuries.  They are also one of the best tools for locating physicians.  Pharmacy searches are one of our most popular searches because they provide so much information and can identify key factors to denying or mitigating a claim.

What information will a Pharmacy Search include?

With a basic Pharmacy Search, Search Pros obtains the dates your claimant obtained prescriptions at the pharmacies. If the claimant received more than one prescription, then the date will appear more than one time. Dates are listed for each script received that day.

The Deluxe Pharmacy Search includes all the information in our basic Pharmacy Search plus the names and phone numbers of the prescribing physicians. This search will provide you with pharmacy information, the dates the claimant obtained the prescriptions along with the prescribing physicians and corresponding phone numbers. It’s a great way to obtain prescription information and locate physicians in one simple search.

Super Deluxe Pharmacy Searches provide you with all the information in our Deluxe Pharmacy Search plus the addresses for all the prescribing physicians.

All of the searches start with the pharmacies closest to the claimant’s address and will include nationwide chains such as CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid.  This way, you are able to receive information from thousands of pharmacies across the country with a single search. 

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