Why would I need a Hospital Search?

A Hospital Search can acquire important facts relating to a claimant’s accident or injury. They are extremely effective in uncovering pre-existing and intervening injuries.

Hospital Searches can help identify fraudulent “accidents.” A common example of this is when someone is injured over the weekend, but claims to have been hurt at work on Monday morning so that Worker’s Compensation will pay for it. A Hospital Search may find an ER visit over the previous weekend, identifying this as a fraudulent claim.

Another example is when someone claims to have been hurt in a minor automotive accident but doesn’t request surgery until many months later. A Hospital Search can locate records and reveal subsequent injuries as the true reason for surgery.

A simple Hospital Search can identify the right information to deny or mitigate your claim.

What information will a Hospital Search include?

A Hospital Search will show you when and where the claimant was treated and also provide you the type of treatment. It will indicate:

  • Inpatient stays
  • Physical therapy or occupational therapy
  • ER visits
  • Outpatient visits

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